The Rise of Indonesian Atheism

Marcel Thee

Embedded within Indonesia’s constitution are the following two lines: “all persons have the right to worship according to their own religion or belief” and “the nation is based upon belief in one supreme God.”

Placed side by side, it’s almost as if those two lines take on a new meaning. Feel free to worship however you choose, but make sure you choose to worship.

However one interprets it, there is no question that inter-religious conflict is on the rise in Indonesia.

Recent confrontations over faith have been allowed to turn the ideal of tolerance on its head with violent and ugly results.

And while finding common religious ground among those of different faiths has always been a delicate dance, it seems there are some people who are interested in changing the tune entirely.

In greater numbers than ever before, they are standing up and doing the unthinkable: they are proclaiming that they no longer have any religious faith at all.

They are members of a small community of non-believers, otherwise known as atheists, and it seems that many of them are no longer content being silent.

More and more Indonesian non-believers are taking a stance against what they perceive is an archaic and repressive system.

Of course, this being Indonesia, these outspoken non-believers are still relatively few and many choose to mull their rational queries quietly in their own minds rather than submit themselves to becoming outcasts and freaks in their own neighborhoods, communities and even among their own families and friends.

Read the Full Article at Jakarta Globe.

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