Phoenix man who believed son was a demon is accused of murdering son with ax


A Phoenix man killed his 13-year-old son with an ax because he thought the boy was a demon, police said Wednesday.

The suspect, 51-year-old Gary Sherrill, confessed to murdering his son, David, on Tuesday afternoon because he was afraid of him, Phoenix Police Sgt. Steve Martos said in a press release.

“(He) stated he was scared of his son and believed his son was a demon and was going to eat him,” Martos said.

Sherrill was arrested and booked on suspicion of first-degree murder, he said.

The boy’s mother asked police to check on her son Tuesday because her ex-husband was late returning him and she hadn’t been able to reach either him or her son, Martos said.

At about 3:45 p.m. Tuesday, Police conducted a welfare check of Sherrill’s residence at 6200 North 10th Place, Martos said.

Sherrill at first told officers that the child wasn’t home, but officers prodded him into inviting them inside, Martos said.

“Once inside, they located the 13-year-old male victim, David Sherrill, deceased with obvious signs of trauma,” Martos said. “Sadly, the victim sustained stab wounds and lacerations to several parts of his body.”

Sherrill was interviewed by homicide detectives and admitted to the slaying, Martos said.

Read the Full Article at Az Central.

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  1. Reblogged this on myatheistlife and commented:
    For the believers: if your god told you to kill your child, would you?

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