Franklin Graham chides Christians for not fighting beside Phil Robertson in ‘religious war’

EDITORIAL: This is what America has come to: Calls for a religious war on behalf of a man who tricks water fowl into thinking he wants to have sex with them.

By Scott Kaufman,

In a statement issued on Monday, Franklin Graham — son of legendary televangelist Billy Graham and CEO of his Evangelical Association — complained about Christians who were unwilling to fight beside Phil Robertson in the “religious war against Christians and the biblical truths [they] stand for.”

“I appreciate the Robertson family’s strong commitment to biblical principles and their refusal to back down under intense media pressure over Phil Robertson’s comments in a recent interview,” Graham wrote. “As the Robertson controversy winds down—at least for now—I have been amazed at how many churches have apparently ‘ducked’ out on the issue (sin).”

He chastised those churches that “have fallen into the trap of being politically correct, under the disguise of tolerance.”

“God is not ‘politically correct,’” he wrote, “and He is certainly not tolerant of sin.”

He continued by noting that…

“[t]he Bible tells us that He is going to judge all sin one day; and anyone who is not found under the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ, will face an eternity in hell separated from God.”

Graham’s remarks echo Robertson’s, in that he stresses that pointing out that God will judge a person to be a sinner isn’t the same as personally judging someone to have sinned.

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2 Responses to Franklin Graham chides Christians for not fighting beside Phil Robertson in ‘religious war’

  1. David says:

    I choose to stand with God, therefore I stand with Franklin Graham, and the Christians that still have a backbone and are not afraid to confess Jesus is Lord and His Word is the final word. Love thy neighbor as thyself, but have no fellowship with darkness, pretty simple.

  2. Graham is the sound of religion dying. It cannot die with a whimper nor can it evolve. It has no where to go but to protest violently the truth that it has made itself ineffectual and irrelevant. The unchanging truth of the gods of monotheism have been eclipsed by the ever growing body of knowledge of science. The final death knell will be the firm idea that mind/body dualism is wrong – watch my blog in 2014 for just that effort.

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