Christian Persecution of Atheism This Holiday

3 stories of Atheist/Humanist banners and statues being destroyed or obstructed.

Atheist Banner in Illinois Vandalized the Same Day an Article About It Appears in Local Paper

This year, just like last year, the Freedom From Religion Foundation chapter in Chicago put up a sign at North School Park in Arlington Heights reminding passersby that they should let reason prevail:


The Daily Herald even reported on the sign yesterday:


The Nativity scene, paid for by Jim Finnegan, chairman of the Illinois Nativity Scene Committee, sits next to a sign from the Freedom From Religion Foundation reading, in part, “Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.”

The two displays were approved by the Arlington Heights Park District under its new policy for petitioners, including that they must clearly post that the displays are not paid for or supported by the park district.

Read the Full Article at The Friendly Atheist.

Atheist Holiday Tree Vandalized At Rossmoor

A holiday tree put up by theRossmoor Atheist and Agnostic Club has been vandalized twice this month.

The “Freethought Tree of Knowledge” was put up on Dec. 14, but the display with the tree and book covers was knocked down four days later, according to a story in the Rossmoor News.

Two days later, club members put the tree back up, but last Friday the tree was dismantled and its remnants were scattered over the nearby grounds.

A report and photos were taken of the incident, according to the Rossmoor News.

The club has permission from the Golden Rain Foundation, which oversees operations at the senior citizen community, to put their tree in a holiday display area on Rossmoor Parkway north of the tennis courts.

Christian Activists Set Up Giant Banner Just So They Can Block Atheist Display

A secular group set up a giant red A in Chicago’s Daley Plaza to make a statement about the separation of church and state, and a group of activists decided to retort by doing the Christian thing: placing a giant banner right in front of it. This led to quite the confrontation between the Christian activists and a rather outspoken counter-protestor in the plaza.

One woman cried, “You shouldn’t be protesting the A. Protesting the A means that you are surrendering our freedom of speech!”

One atheist shot back that their freedom of speech is being limited by their display being literally blocked. Conservative commentator William Kelly explained why he wanted to put up the display in the first place.

“I talked to a number of people about it, they don’t quite understand what the A stands for. When I tell them that it’s for ‘atheist,’ they think it’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. So what we’ve decided today is to do something positive and make the A stand for ‘angels,’ and as Christians, especially at Christmastime, we want to have a positive message of love, we want to pray for the atheists”

Read the Full Article & Watch The Video at Mediaite.



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2 Responses to Christian Persecution of Atheism This Holiday

  1. hitchens67 says:

    Oh, the deluded are sooo insecure! Atheism IS positive because it frees people from delusion and shows them the folly of dedicating themselves to an imaginary friend! Usually when people say that they see or hear something that is imaginary, they are medicated so that they can walk among the sane people!

  2. David says:

    Christians lose absolute power and reframe it as persecution… So typical. I hope that my children will grow up in a society where faith is not a virtue.

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