Catholic Church has paid $43 million to victims through Towards Healing

THE Catholic Church has paid out $43 million through its Towards Healing process to victims who were sexually abused as children, it has been revealed.

The Christian Brothers were the most notorious religious order with the most complaints against them, followed by the Marist Brothers and then the De La Salle Brothers.

The highest amount paid out under the process was $850,000 which was to someone who was abused by a diocesan priest in the Archdiocese of Sydney, the royal commission into the institutionalised responses to child sex abuse has been told today.

It is the first time details of the controversial Towards Healing had been revealed.

The Catholic Church’s barrister was heckled by the public inside the royal commission’s hearing room as he quoted from the Gospel of Mark: “Let the little children come to me.”

Counsel Peter Gray SC said the current hearing before the commission into the church’s controversial Towards Healing process was a “searing and decisive moment in the history of the Catholic Church in Australia.”

He said the church was ashamed to acknowledge that in some cases, the church concealed or covered up the facts and the abuse against children and moved the perpetrators to other places and did not report the cases to police.

Read the Full Article at The Australian.


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