Superheroes and faith: How religion plays a role in the comic book industry

Even the most avid comic book reader might not know that The Thing, that orange and bulky hard-hitter from the Fantastic Four, was Jewish, or that at one point Batman was raised Christian.

In fact, religion has played a part in a superhero’s character development for decades.

Now, religion is becoming the story itself where biblical tales told in the comic book format have been on the rise in recent years. And with the introduction of the new Muslim Ms. Marvel, who is poised to hit comic stands this coming February, religion has become a drawing point for readers of more mainstream comics published by Marvel and DC, rather than just a subtle reference within the pages.

Kingstone Comics, started by Art Ayris in 2010, is a new brand in the emerging field of faith-based comic books and graphic novels, which are books presented in comic book format. Joining Kingstone in publishing religious comic books is HarperCollins Christian Publishing, which recently decided to offer graphic novels and comics, andZondervan, an Evangelical publisher.

“Comics have been a fairly reflective medium,” said Preston Hunter, founder of, which keeps a database of all comic book characters’ religions, as well as a count of what stories have religious themes. “It’s representative of pop culture in general.”

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