How to Know God Exists: Scientific Proof of God

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10516797_726668520785283_3217806309342972045_nWith the recent wave of books on atheism becoming New York Times best-sellers, the God debate is heating up. Because of the implications, it’s the most significant question of all time: Is there a God, or isn’t there? In this compelling book, Ray Comfort argues the case with simple logic and common sense.

If there is a God, surely He has made His presence known so that anyone, young or old, scholar or school child, can find Him. By applying basic logic to three clear evidences for the existence of God, Comfort will help you to:

  • Examine the case for evolution and see what top scientists are really saying about the theory
  • Explore the facts that led the world’s most notorious atheist to acknowledge a Creator
  • Investigate the evidence to discover who God is through 100% scientific proof, you can know God exists

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The United States is NOT a christian nation…


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Christian group says ‘dinosaurs a lie, ban them from school books’

Video from the Christians Against Dinosaurs web site. Yes, seriously.

A woman who posted an anti-dinosaur rant on social media said she wants to see the U.S. school system stop teaching children about dinosaurs. She, and a group she’s part of, don’t think they ever existed and believe teaching about them is harming kids.

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Dinosaurs makes kids “bestiality-minded”

The mom, who identifies herself as CADministry, posted a strongly worded diatribe about dinosaurs and the harm they do children, her kids included, on a site called It’s not only been viewed by people in a number of countries, it’s also been the brunt of jokes.

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Sam Harris: Why I don’t criticize Israel

AUDIO TRANSCRIPT [Note: This is a verbatim transcript of a spoken podcast. However, I have added notes like this one to clarify controversial points.—SH]

I was going to do a podcast on a series of questions, but I got so many questions on the same topic that I think I’m just going to do a single response here, and we’ll do an #AskMeAnything podcast next time.

The question I’ve now received in many forms goes something like this: Why is it that you never criticize Israel? Why is it that you never criticize Judaism? Why is it that you always take the side of the Israelis over that of the Palestinians?

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This is your brain on creationism


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Atheists: Inside the World of Non-Believers – CNN Special Report

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American Atheists 1st Ever National TV Commercial

American Atheists is proud to represent the interests of all atheists. We work hard to protect the absolute separation of religion from government. We envision a world in which our laws and public policy are based on evidence, reason, and our shared values—a world in which no person faces discrimination because they simply lack belief in gods.

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