‘Kidnapped for Christ’ reveals workings of behavior modification school

Shortly after a 17-year-old boy came out to his parents, he was dragged from his home and tossed onto a flight toward Miami, completely in the dark about where he was going and who was taking him.

It was the summer before David’s senior year of high school when two strangers showed up at his Colorado home, wrapped a belt around his waist and took him away. His parents watched on, declaring their love for him.

Soon, the teen learned it was all his parent’s doing.

He had been signed up for an undetermined length of stay at Escuela Caribe, a Dominican Republic-based Christian behavioral modification school for “troubled” teenagers started. It was started in 1971 by Gordon Blossom, a former “juvenile delinquent” who became a pastor.

A new Showtime documentary, “Kidnapped for Christ,” chronicles the experiences of David and other teens sent to this pricey off-shore come-to-Jesus program and the effects this kind of so-called behavior modification has on growing young minds.

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“Get On Your Knees for Jesus ’till He Comes” by Andy Shernoff

Get on your knees for Jesus
till he comes, till he comes
Get on your knees for Jesus
till he comes
He didn’t want to leave us
so he’s coming back to please us
Get on your knees for Jesus
till he comes

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We Got Scared

We were born through ingenuity and violence in a world where a brute struggle was encoded in every living being. But we were different. Our sole imagination gave us confidence so we stood up right and we triumphed over our enemies. But we were confused when we opened our eyes. Nature made us masters of survival but didn’t give us the tools to understand the world. All we knew about life was death we inflected upon others and it reminded us of our own fate. So we got scared and we told tales about another life – the corner stone of our civilization.

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What the hell are they doing to these children?

Evangelical Christians around the globe are increasingly holding large children’s revivals where they practice a disturbing ritual called “anointing by the holy spirit,” “being slain by the holy spirit,” “catching the holy ghost,” or “falling out.”

It is intimidating, physically coercive, deeply stressful, and emotionally manipulative. Children are under tremendous pressure to cooperate, to mimic the adults’ bizarre behaviors, and to avoid being judged unworthy, disappointing, or worse, under satan’s spell.

The older children and teens are under great peer pressure to fit in. The youngest simply don’t understand they’re supposed to fall over. Their purity and honesty shines through.

Most are acting, consciously or subconsciously, feeling anxiety and guilt long afterward for not having the “genuine” experience they imagine the rest are surely having. Others are infected by the contagion of mass hysteria, a temporary insanity driven by the shouting, the music, and the cacophony of adults “speaking in tongues” (glossolalia) — meaningless babbling with the same origin as the toppling over.

The preachers, of course, are paid for results.

What kind of belief system must force itself on children, long before they are able to understand and decide for themselves?

It is child abuse and should not be permitted.

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Word Cloud of about 1 Hour of text chat from the BvNB room

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 2.14.31 PM

Names of chatters were removed so the chat content would be better displayed. “nasty” is so prominent because one of the chatter’s names was “nastyhabitz” and he was spewing a lot of creationist crap.

Make your own word cloud here: http://www.wordle.net

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Ken Ham Opposes Space Exploration Because Aliens Aren’t “Saved”? Here’s Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Brief Response

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Queen of Holland attends concert. Muslim conductor starts proselytising. Orchestra members walk off stage.

Video title:
Muslim calls for Queen to convert to Islam.
مسلم يدعو الملکه إلى اعتناق الإسلام

“Man disrupts Queen’s concert,” a translation (error correction invited) of “Man verstoort concert Koningin,” from ShowNieuws, September 3 (thanks to Ferenc):

Tonight a man was arrested at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. There was a classical concert scheduled in the Great Hall, where Queen Beatrix sat on the first row. Concertgebouw director Simon Reinink confirmed this to ShowNieuws.

This man, neatly dressed in a suit, entered the stage and began a speech about Islam. He called himself the servant of God and invited the public to believe. One person who was present wrote on Twitter: “He said: ‘There is no bomb … I’m sorry.’”

When the guards discovered that he was not a speaker on the program, they took him off the stage and brought him over to police. According Reinink, the man did not threaten the queen. Therefore she remained quietly in her seat.

The somewhat confused man, who is known to the police, spent the next night at the police station.

Here is another view of the event:

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